Video Production for the Web: A Primer

Panasonic AJ-HPX3700Production

Just like the scope of a web video project, the tools necessary can vary widely. The basic materials needed are a video camera, microphone, and a computer or other device with an application to process and edit your recorded video. Video camera can range from professional-grade equipment (like Panasonic’s $60,000 model) to computer webcams to mobile device cameras to cheaper, low-end digital cameras like the Flip Mino. Microphones vary similarly in quality and price, from boom mics to handheld models to small devices that a speaker can clip onto his or her collar. Many low-end devices these days have embedded microphones for ease of use.

Once you have selected your equipment, then you can focus on your technique.  For a quick video on hand held video camera shooting techniques, check out this video from Videomaker.


Once video and sound have been recorded, either separately or in tandem, it is necessary to edit the video into a more polished work. A wide range of video editing applications are available, with the most popular options including iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Roxio Creator. iMovie and Roxio Creator are cheaper and more consumer-friendly options, while Final Cut Pro, at $1,299, has been used to produce Oscar-winning films including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, No Country for Old Men, and Cold Mountain (source).

YouTube on iPhoneDistribution

There are a slew of options for sharing your masterpiece. In addition to the ever-popular YouTube are alternative sites such as and that function the same way, allowing you to create a personal profile and video library. If you want your video to be seen, shared and commented on by the largest audience possible, however, YouTube is still the way to go, boasting the 4th most traffic of any site in the US and similar numbers in many other countries around the world (source).

Additional Resources

For more information, check out Hillman Curtis’ article on about his preferred tools and techniques for web video creation.


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