IPTV and Hulu

One of the most exciting trends of the 21st century is the advent of Internet TV,  also known as Internet Protocol Television or IPTV.  Internet TV is video and audio delivered over an Internet connection.

There are several providers of Internet TV, including but not limited to Joost, Sling, TV.Com and Hulu with Hulu defining the next generation of TV viewing in America. With over 42 million viewers, Hulu brings together videos from over 180 providers including Fox, NBC Universal, ABC Family , Warner Brothers and Disney (source:  Hulu).

But how does it work?  Amazingly, you do not have to download a special player, register your name or email nor pay anything to access a collection of over 200 million videos.   Hulu partnered with Adobe to provide their video player platform and all Hulu videos are streamed as Flash video files (FLV).   These files are supported by Flash Player 8.0 which is installed on more than 98% of computers in the U.S. (source:  Hulu FAQs). However all of Hulu’s customer facing services and features are developed in house by a team of engineers using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript within a LAMP stack framework (source:  Crawford).

To ensure that your video content arrives without interruption, Hulu partnered with the tech giant Akamai to manage their content delivery network (CDN).  Akamai has an extensive platform for content delivery including nearly 1,000 networks in 70 countries powered by 48,000 servers.  Akami delivers between 15 to 20% of all web traffic (source:  Akamai).

Want to try Hulu? Just go to www.hulu.com.  You do not need an account unless you want to post comments or rate the clips.  You can search for a video either through the category drop down menus or by directly typing the name in the search box.  Once you find your show, click on the thumbnail and you are ready to view. I watched the series premiere of “Hank“ to complete this assignment.


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I'm a wife, mother and student living in the suburbs of Atlanta. After 20 years in corporate IT, I am currently working for a non-profit as Director of Operations.

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