LAMP vs. .Net

This week in class we discussed the web server architecture models specifically   touching on LAMP vs. .Net.   Why are we concerned about the web server model? Most enterprise level web based applications from CRM (customer relationship management) systems to CMS (content management systems) operate on this model.  Also referred to as the IT stack, this grouping of applications is the core base for most web-based applications and consists of a server operating system, a web-server, a database and a scripting or development language.

Two of the best know stacks are the open-sourced LAMP and .Net from Microsoft.  .Net consists of the Windows Server operating system, IIS (Internet Information Services) Web Server, SQL Server database and ASP scripting language.  Conversely, LAMP consists of Linux operating system, Apache Web server, MySQL database and PHP (or Python or Perl) scripting language.

As an IT Director, which IT stack should you choose to run your enterprise’s Web based application?  As with all technical questions, the answer is it depends.  In general, Microsoft’s .Net is tightly integrated which leads to easy configuration, administration and more predictable performance.  Open sourced LAMP on the other hand can be difficult to configure, has too many options that can impact performance and it is often difficult to find qualified people to support the platform.  However, the fact that it scales relatively easily, uses inexpensive servers and has no licensing costs often entices organizations to select the LAMP IT stack.

For a more detailed discussion of the performance of each platform, check out Jim Rapoza’s eWeek Labs article: Open Source vs. .Net Stacks.  For a more complete set of features and comparisons check out Syllogistic’s Web Development: A Comparison of Three Major Platforms.


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