Editing Wikipedia

This week’s assignment included updating a Wikipedia page.   Created in 2001, Wikipedia attracts more than 65 million visitors monthly.   Wikipedia is offered in over 40 languages and on English Wikipedia, there are over 10 million registered users over 857,000 uploaded files.   (See the Wikipedia:About page for more fun facts!)

I became one of those registered users today.  I first created an account and then read some of the extensive tutorials where I learned, among other things, Wikipedia uses its own mark-up language known as wikitext.  I then felt empowered to edit!!  But what should I edit?

For over 3 years of my life I worked on the 1996 Summer Olympics project with IBM.  It was an exciting opportunity and provided me with many experiences and a lot of knowledge about the Olympics.  I had found my topic!

Editing a page is easy.  I first clicked on “edit this page” which brought up the 1996 Summer Olympics page in wikitext.  I then made my edits.  Wikipedia includes many good editing usability features such as the “Show preview” and “Show changes” buttons.  Also, the “discussion” page is a great place to post questions about the topic.  After reviewing my edits, I updated the Edit Summary and saved the page.

What did I change?  In the Venues subsection, the article mentioned that “football” events were played outside of Atlanta.  Following Wiki standards, since the article was concerning an American event and since football is referred to in America as “soccer”, I changed the word “football” to “soccer” and added a link to the Wiki soccer page.  I also reworded the sentence slightly for readability while preserving the message.


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I'm a wife, mother and student living in the suburbs of Atlanta. After 20 years in corporate IT, I am currently working for a non-profit as Director of Operations.

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